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Making predictions

Before you can make predictions with a model it needs to be trained and active. If you want to make predictions through the CLI, cURL or with one of the SDKs, make sure that you have the modelId for the model you would like to test. The modelId can be found under Models -> Your model -> Overview.

Go to Model testing and select the model you want to use. You can either use a document from one of your datasets or upload a document from your computer.

The output should have a structure as shown below

"predictionId": "<predictionId>",
"modelId": "<modelId>",
"documentId": "<documentId>",
"predictions": [
"label": "total_amount",
"value": "5154.06",
"confidence": 0.9758162361908527
"label": "purchase_date",
"value": "2019-12-23",
"confidence": 0.96797316745869735
"timestamp": 1629188787,
"inferenceTime": 2.7935566902160645

See the confidence section to read more about confidence levels and how you can use them to feel confident in your model's predictions.

If you want to learn more about the basics, check out models and predictions in the Concepts section.